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Hookline: Atmos Plugin

The Hookline: Atmos plugin is a Gravity Forms and Oxygen Builder integration. It adds a Gravity Forms element for Oxygen. We chose Atmos for a name, as it means “steam” in Ancient Greek and is one of the two words that make up Atmosphere, which in a roundabout way is gravity keeping oxygen around the Earth. We know it is a lot more scientifically complicated than that, but you get the idea.


Atmos Usage:

Within Oxygen, Hookline: Atmos allows you to select an existing Gravity Forms plugin and display it visually within Oxygen and the front end.

An image showing where to select the Gravity element in Oxygen when using Hookline: Atmos

When you first add the element to Oxygen, you can select a form from the Form Selection dropdown menu and a Form Settings tab. After changing any of these settings, you’ll want to click the “Apply Params” button.

A screenshot showing the Form Selection and Form Settings options for the Gravity field added by Hookline: Atmos.

The Form Settings field has several default Gravity Forms settings that you can enable and disable, such as the Form Heading and Form Description. These settings will reflect accordingly on the front end.

Form Settings
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