Website Construction

A website is your home on the internet. It's where customers, members, partners, investors, and anyone else can find official information about who you are, and what your plans are. If you're relying for this reliable space to be solely on popular social media platforms, you may be missing the true needs of your audience. 
Here at Luxibay, we're dedicated to ensuring you have a reliable and efficient website that meets both your needs, and the needs of those you serve.

Our Website Construction Process

Building a website is much like building a boat. You have to make sure the site is designed for what you want and need. During this process, we'll figure out what you need, and then proceed through a variety of phases to get your website ready for launch.
First Meeting: Once we receive your contact information, we'll reach out to schedule a meeting at a time and place that is convenient for your. During our first meeting, we'll go into some of the details of what you are looking for and gather any additional information, requests, needs, or requirements you may have. 
Draft: The draft phase is where we'll create several site layouts for you to look at and preview.
Framework: After the draft has been approved, we'll start by building the framework of your site. We'll send you updates of the site, so you may see the progress and request any updates if necessary.
Building: During the building phase, we'll get your site mostly complete. This will be the longest phase of the website construction process. We'll send you weekly updates of the progress.
Rigging: This is one of the final steps of the construction process. During this phase, we'll begin preparing the site to be launched as well as any finishing touches. This is also the phase where we will prepare to hand the site off to you, if you will be maintaning it yourself going forward.
Launch: Last but not least is the launch phase, you'll see your website sail off into the internet for your customers to enjoy. We don't recommend breaking a bottle of champagne on your website during this process.

What's Included in Our Website Construction

Below is a basic list of what's included in your website's construction when working with us. The exact features for your website will depend on your wants and needs. Our services start at $399 for the first 15 hours of a project and then $40 per hour for every additional hour thereafter. 
WordPress: We'll build your site on one of the most trusted CMS software's out there.
E-Commerce: If you're looking for e-Commerce. We'll help get you set up with WooCommerce, or another alternative out there that meets your needs.
Analytics: We'll get you set up with the necessary Analytics for your site. There's a variety of analytical options available, and we'll be glad to find the one that's best for you.
Search Engine Optimization: Along with analytics, we'll get you set up with the basic necessities for SEO.
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