Websites Designed to Guide Your Customers

Here at Luxibay, we love to think of websites as having two primary functions. First, it is a lighthouse that is useful in helping potential visitors get to know more about you. Second, it's a harbor where you can turn visitors into customers and service existing customers. Both functions are vital to a successful website, and we're here to help light the way to make the website that serves both you and your customers.

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Everything to Keep You Running Smooth

Aside from Website Construction, we offer a variety of other services focused on keeping your site running and working so that you can focus on the many other tasks needed to run your business. 

Whether it is keeping your site online, managing other aspects of your online presence, or setting up email accounts, we'll be glad to assist you with ensuring everything is running smooth. 

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Developer Resources

If you're a Web Developer, we've got some resources that you're welcome to access and check out! Most of our resources will focus around WordPress, WooCommerce, and Oxygen Builder! 
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News Around the Bay

How to Use Tailwind CSS with Oxygen
Jul 19, 2022
This tutorial goes over the minimal steps necessary to use Tailwind CSS with Oxygen through TailPress
Overriding WooCommerce Templates with Oxygen
Jul 22, 2021
Please Note: As of Oxygen WooCommerce 2.0, it is now possible to overload template files without this plugin! As a WooCommerce store owner, you may find yourself wanting to change something in a WooCommerce template from time to time. This might be changing the wording of an email template on the checkout page or something […]
Turning Your Site into a Progressive Web App
Apr 16, 2021
Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs are a fairly-new technology that has been emerging in the past years. In my opinion, its a welcoming change for creating apps. Up until the introduction of PWA, apps were traditionally created alongside websites. You could use APIs to fetch website functionality and articles, but it often required you to […]
The Importance of Having a Company Website
Mar 31, 2021
For years, companies and organizations have relied on services and features of social media websites such as Facebook to be their primary location on the internet, or they may sell their products solely on Amazon. While this may seem efficient and easy at the time, it's much more beneficial to build your own site now, […]
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