Hookline Oxus available for early testing

Ahoy there!

We’ve been busy working on a new plugin called Hookline Oxus – which provides deeper support for Oxygen and WPML. It’s still in very early testing, I guess we’d consider it alpha or pre-alpha. But in any case, we thought we’d make it available for other users to test and see what kind of feedback they provide.

The main reason for this approach is that WPML can be a complex beast, as can Oxygen, so the more scenarios we have to test, the better!

You can download it for yourself here:

Here’s a basic list of the features:

Adds WPML conditions to Oxygen

When editing a page/template in Oxygen, you’ll have access to new conditions that can show/hide content based on the WPML language.

Improved Template Support for Translated Content

When you translate a template or page in WPML, it should now pull in the proper template and translated template if the template has a translated version.

Unicode Fix

Sometimes, content saved in the ATE can be converted to Unicode when saved – this typically only happens on occasion and for non-Latin characters. We’ve provided a quick patch for that.

Better Element Support

We’ve included some new support for the WPML ATE to translate more complex Oxygen elements that were previously untranslatable. We’ve also added some support for links.

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