function bitt_split_content(string $html_tag = 'h2', int $split_number = 2, bool $remainder = null)

This function will split WordPress content by splicing the_content. It allows you to display other information between content in a WordPress post. Additionally, this creates a global variable called $content_split to allow more than one split.



(string) Determines what HTML tag should be split. Default is h2.


(int) Tells the function at which number the split should occur. Default is 2.


(bool) Gets the content from the split to be returned. Default is FALSE.

Usage Examples


This would split the_content at the second <h2> tag and return the content before the second tag.


This would split the post content at the third <h3> tag and return the remaining content before that tag.


This would return the remaining content from the $content_split global variable.

function Code

* Function Name: bitt_split_content
* Description: Adds the bitt_split_content function to a WordPress site.
* Author: Luxibay –
* @param $tag – (string) Determines what HTML tag should be split.
* @param $split_number – (int) Tells the function at which number the split should occur.
* @param $remainder – (bool) Return the Remaining Content only, should be true or false. Default is false.

if(!function_exists(‘bitt_split_content’)) {
function bitt_split_content(string $html_tag = ‘h2’, int $split_number = 2, bool $remainder = NULL) {

/* Set our Tag */
$tag = “<".$html_tag.">“;

/* Get the global variables */
global $post;
global $content_split;

/* Check if the global variable $content_split is empty and add defaults if it is */
if(!$content_split) {
$content_split[‘display’] = ”;
$content_split[‘remainder’] = apply_filters(‘the_content’,get_the_content());

/* If we’re trying to get the remainder, display it. */
if($remainder === true) {
return $content_split[‘remainder’];

/* Split the content*/
$slices = explode($tag,$content_split[‘remainder’]);

/* Update the $content_split global variable */
$content_split[‘display’] = implode($tag, array_splice($slices, 0, $split_number));
$content_split[‘remainder’] = $tag.implode($tag, array_splice($slices, 0));

/* Display the intended results */
return $content_split[‘display’];

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