The Importance of Having a Company Website

For years, companies and organizations have relied on services and features of social media websites such as Facebook to be their primary location on the internet, or they may sell their products solely on Amazon. While this may seem efficient and easy at the time, it’s much more beneficial to build your own site now, so that you have better control of your content, your brand, and your customers.

1. Your Permanent Address on the Internet.

First and foremost, getting a permanent address is as easy as purchasing a domain name. Domain names have the same effect as having a physical street address on the internet. A domain name costs about $10 per year. That’s right, for $10 per year, you can ensure that your company will always have a home on the internet. Even if you don’t develop a website on it right away, get your domain name reserved as soon as you can to prepare for future development.

Additionally, by purchasing a domain name, you’ll be able to have a custom email address, and you can get rid of that,, or another popular email host that your using for your business.

2. You’re in Control of Everything.

By having your own website, you’re able to control everything about it. The layout of your site, the way it looks to customers, how you sell your products, all of this can be controlled by you.

Furthermore, having your own website can increase the available avenues users have to buy your products, services, and news about your company.

On top of this, most online marketplaces have fees and charges that can cost you a decent portion of your profits. While these marketplaces may bring you more customers, they also cost you more in expenses. Having multiple ways for users to buy your products increases the potential for selling more goods.

3. You Can Naturally Grow Your Audience.

Through the use of SEO-optimization, you’ll be able to increase your visibility when people search for your company and the products and services that you have. This will in-turn increase potential sales, clients, and leads to help your business grow. The best thing is that SEO-optimization doesn’t require additional advertisement costs.

4. Expand Your Customer Service.

While a website won’t replace your Customer Service, which it shouldn’t. It can help to answer some frequent questions or concerns from your customers so your Customer Service team can increase more focus on the requests that come in.

You may use the website to display your contact hours, add a Frequently Asked Questions section, or provide Documentation or Tutorials.

The Final Mast

There are a variety of other reasons that having a website may be beneficial to you. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help you get started.

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